Getting the Beach Bod: Three Fun Exercise Classes


Summer activity holidays are just around a corner and now is the time for thousands of women to think about toning up their bods for a stint on the beach. Whether you want to smooth any lumps and bumps for your favourite bikini or you just want to lose a few pounds to look and feel your best, exercising doesn’t have to be drab.

Buggy Fit

Perfect for new mums who are dreaming their post-pregnancy bulges away, buggy fit is simple. Strap your newborn into their warm and cosy pram, do your warm up exercises and head off on a 3 or 5 mile walk with a group of other like-minded mums.

Not only will you strengthen your core muscles and improve your health, but it’s a perfect chance to meet new friends too.

Pole Fit

Perceptions have progressed since the early 2000s, with people all over the UK appreciating the strength, stamina and fitness that can be developed using pole fit. Nowadays, its popularity as a fun alternative to the gym is booming, with promoters trying to encourage people to appreciate the non-sexual aspect of the pole and the workouts that can be achieved.


The popularity of Zumba continues to go from strength to strength. This Latin-inspired dance workout combines fun, endurance and fitness for people of all capabilities.

You can find plenty of classes near you at affordable prices; keep it up and you could have a beach bod in no time.

Say goodbye to the tedious steppers and rowing machines. Working out doesn’t have to include that kind of environment and will have you feeling fabulous in time for your impending activity holiday plans.


With plenty of activity holidays ( to choose from, take a look online at Neilson for some inspiration this summer. From watersports to beach club activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. While catching the rays on sunkissed beaches is a perfect way to while away the days, make your next break about much more than that and return home feeling revitalised. 

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