Spring in the UK: Fashion Tips for Women for the Spring Season

As we welcome spring with open arms, we also go through some magazines and online sites, searching for items that will satisfy your inner diva and preparing the perfect ensemble for the spring season. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered as we have listed some of the items to look forward to, this time of the year.

Spring Fashion Collection of Primark 2013

Spring Fashion Collection of Primark 2013

The Graphic Tees

If you haven’t updated your old T-shirt collection, now is the time to stock up on quality shirts which will truly make a statement. Paired with jeans or shorts, this will be a great outfit on a laidback and a casual afternoon.

Bermuda Short

Let’s admit it. Not everyone is fitted to wear short shorts. Thus, the return of the Bermuda shorts is a joy to a lot of people. This short is featured with loads of versatility that you can wear it anyway you want. However, it is best to pair it up with fun, flat sandals for a more comfortable feel.

Statement Glasses

Your outfit will not be completed without a good pair of statement glasses. Bring out the wow factor as you wear it to the beach or while you meet up with a friend for lunch.

The Eyelet Tea Dress

This eyelet tea dress is a classic piece that will never go out of style. It’s a pretty dress that you can wear as you stroll during the day and will still be a good fit as you party with friends, during the night. You just need to pair it off with bold sandals to add character to your outfit.

The Tunic Dress

This may not be an essential fashion piece, but once you discover how useful a fun tunic dress can be, you will feel the need to get one. Whether you wear it with a pair of classic leggings, a cover-up at the beach or simply on its own, the tunic dress will surely be a head turner.

Stunning Stripes

Stripes are pretty much common and we predict that it will be an ongoing hit this season. Whether it’s a combination of black and white or a mix of few other colors, your outfit will surely be something worth noticing.

So, go ahead and pick your favorites. Be bold, be creative and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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