Interesting Facts about the Worcester Cathedral

It is officially named as The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary of the Virgin of Worcester.  This Anglican cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Worchester and the mother church of the Diocese of Worcester.


Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral

An old Church

Being in existence for over fourteen centuries, the Worcester Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the world and still continues its purpose of being a place for worship and prayers. While the old cathedral was founded in 680, nothing from the original church has survived to this day. What we see today is a product of reconstruction dating back from a few centuries ago.

English Medieval Cathedral

The key features of the Worcester Cathedral are mostly linked to a typical English medieval cathedral. Like other cathedrals, it is equipped with to transepts which cross the nave. Also, this church has a chapter house and a cloister, which is also a typical characteristic of an English cathedral.

Featured with a multi-columned Norman crypt and cushion capitals, these are the oldest parts of the cathedral as these are what remains from the cathedral’s construction in 1084. The current state of the cathedral is a product of the combined efforts of several architects for over 200 years.

Burials and Memorials

The Worcester Cathedral is also a burial site of a few important persons. Contained here is the tomb of King John, who has requested to be buried at the cathedral before his death.

The cathedral also holds the chantry of Prince Arthur. Being next in line to the throne, Henry VIII spared the Worcester cathedral from destruction during the English Reformation due to his brother’s chantry.

Other famous people buried here are Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister; John Gauden, Bishop of Worcester and William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton.


The cathedral’s tower features a ring of twelve bells, three semi-tone bells plus a non-swinging bell. These bells are considered as one of the clearest and finest toned rings ever cast. Also, these rings boast of being the fifth heaviest ring in the world.

During your visit to Worcester, England, never miss a chance to stop by the Worcester Cathedral and offer a silent prayer in this magnificent church.

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