Places to Visit in Coventry, Warwickshire

Featuring numerous attractions and great sceneries, Coventry boasts of having a long list of places to visit and things to do. Whether you’re in search of a historical landmark, exquisite restaurants or magnificent sites, they surely got you covered.

Kenilworth Castle in Coventry | Photo Source: Wikipedia

Kenilworth Castle in Coventry | Photo Source: Wikipedia

Here are some of the places you might want to check out on your visit to Coventry.

Kenilworth Castle

Feel like a royalty as you walk through the floors of this wonderful castle ruin. Travel back in time as the Kenilworth Castle welcomes you to a magnificent site and leads you to the place where kings and queens once dined and danced. This place is famous among tourists as it is one of the most impressive castle ruins in England. Taking in its wonderful sight, stunning masterpieces and historical value, the Kenilworth Castle will definitely be on the top of your list.

Adventure Sports Ltd

Unleash the kid in you as Adventure Sports Ltd welcomes you to 100 acres of outdoor activity centre. Featuring a number of extreme sports activities such as Zorbing and Paintballing, you will surely enjoy an afternoon of adrenaline pumping activities and extreme family bonding experience.

Coombe Abbey Garden Room Restaurant and Bar

Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at this four star country house hotel. With its convenient location and supreme cuisines, Coombe Abbey Garden Room Restaurant and bar will surely satisfy your delicate taste buds. For a more pleasurable dining experience, it is best to book your table in advance.

Herbert Gallery and Museum

Discover the rich history of Coventry and engage yourself in the arts and culture as you head on to Herbert Gallery and Museum. Be fascinated with their art collection and examine the masterpieces from the past and the modern work of art.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

If you are a Shakespeare fan, you should never miss the chance to visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. Take a peak and unravel the mysteries of William and Anne’s history as you visit the place where their courtship began. Also featured in this cottage are actual furniture and items dating back from Anne’s time.

So, be prepared for an utterly delightful journey to Coventry and make the most out of your Coventry experience.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Coventry but have no idea why because I knew absolutely nothing about it until reading this post. I think I was right in wanting to visit though because it sounds like an awesome city!

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