Grab a Bargain

Grab a bargain

Looking to holiday abroad this year? If you’re in need of a relaxing break and dream of a sunny beachside haven, take a look at some of the great holiday offers available online. The best deals are to be had if you book ‘last minute’ – this can be anything up to 6 weeks before you go. These types of packages bring you the best prices available, as tour operators need to get seats on planes booked up and hotel places filled. To do this they will often drop their prices considerably at the last minute.


You may think it’s all too rushed and worry about there not being enough time to prepare, but really it’s simple – you browse through some fantastic last minute getaways at a number of destinations from Spain and the Balearic Islands to Greece and the Greek Islands. Once you’ve found the holiday for you at the right price, get it booked and start packing! Chances are, you will already have your holiday gear from last year or if you need essentials, draw up a list, the more organised you are, the less stressful it will be! Package holidays are great value and no hassle as you pay one price for everything, from your flight and hotel to your meals and transfers, depending on the package deal.


Remember, a cheap holiday doesn’t have to mean slumming it! There are some great bargains to be had on 3 and 4 star self-catering, half board and all-inclusive accommodation. If you decide that self-catering is for you, you can save money by stocking up at a local supermarket on essentials such as bread and sandwich fillers which you can make up for a budget lunch. Maybe you enjoy eating out in the evenings and trying different restaurants, this can be done cheaply if you save on other meals throughout the day and discover the best value places to eat. All-inclusive is a great choice for those who don’t want the hassle of having to budget for meals and drinks and enjoy ‘buffet style’ dining which offers a wide range of food choices to suit all tastes.


So, if you want to holiday in the sun but don’t want to break the bank, a cheap holiday could be just around the corner when you book a last minute holiday package.


If you’re looking for cheap holidays, visit the Thomas Cook website to browse the latest deals and to book online. Not only will you find a fantastic selection of holidays, you could also save a significant amount on the original cost of your chosen holiday. How’s that for holiday heaven? Head to to get started…

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