Top 5 Most Haunted Places in the Midlands

Looking for some thrilling ghost hunts? There are lots of restless spirits in the Midlands. Here, check out the top 5 most haunted places.


Dudley Castle in Dudley 

The Dudley Castle is the scariest place in the Midlands. In fact, some might say that it’s the most terrifying place in the world. In this castle, everyone is scared of the Grey Lady. People who have been there heard weird noises and a sudden drop of temperature. According to old tales, it’s the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont. Her favorite place to visit is the castle keep. But sometimes, she wanders around the bar that was named after her.

Here is her story.

While living in the castle, she got failed to give birth to a baby girl. Her baby daughter died during child birth. And in short amount of time after her daughter’s death, she died due to severe illnesses. But before she passed away, she has two wishes. She wants to be buried beside her daughter and she wants her spouse to attend her funeral. But none of her wishes were granted that’s why she haunts this castle.

Salford Hall in Stratford Upon Avon
– This place is a goldmine for ghost hunters. Paranormal activity is common here. In the old days, this place served as a home for monks. But they turned it into a convent and French nuns used it as a residence.

According to the people near the place, sounds of laughing girls can be heard in the reception area and ghosts of priests walk around the courtyard. However, the scariest ghost inside this hotel is the nun. Rumors say that she was murdered at the back of this hotel. She usually appears on the lower floors and she follows people until they are terrified.

Alton Towers in Staffordshire
– Just by looking at its structure, you’ll notice that this place is haunted. Its gothic architecture will give you chills right away.

Inside, you’ll see a ghost of a woman wearing a long black dress roaming around the corridors. You can even smell the perfume that she wears when she appears. Also, you can see ghosts of kids wearing Victorian clothes. People say those kids were stoned to death during the old days.

The Station Hotel in Dudley
– According to a paranormal expert, a manager of the hotel had an affair with a young servant woman. To isolate her, he brought her to the cellar. However, she refused to his advances and warned that she will tell his wife. As a result, he killed her and hid her body inside a barrel.

These two ghosts never stopped haunting this place. Their favorite area is room 214. In fact, one of the hotel’s CCTVs captured a bed and a chair moving without anyone touching them.

Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster
– A ghost hunt here is a must. There are lots of spirits here because it was used as a bunker during World War 2. Six people died while building this facility. And based on stories, they were the ones haunting this place.

There were reports that this place is being used to worship Satan. People say doors to other dimension are opened here. And if you’re here, you can see demonic creatures roaming around the canteen.

Are you excited to hunt ghosts in these places? If so, what are you waiting for? Visit them now! Just make sure that you don’t have heart conditions.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Haunted Places in the Midlands

  1. Really chilling, but I would never prefer to visit such places….Am really scared of such haunted places.

  2. Interesting , Well we can go hunting Ghost..:)

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