La Grande Savoyarde: Luxury Apartments in Chamonix

Are you looking for the ultimate luxury accommodation in Chamonix? Look no further as we know a historical place that will make your stay in France extra special and worth bragging about!


Chamonix was one of the most visited places in France especially during the World Wars era. This lovely abode called La Grande Savoyarde was founded by an old Parisian deputy married to Mrs. Spencer, an American with British origins and proud owner of a successful perfume company. Imagine how in demand this property was for rental during the old times!


The eye catching architecture of the building stands out in the Savoy landscape. With a number of large rooms, gigantic windows with the magnificent view of the Mont Blanc range makes every visitor crave for a longer stay. The property has a good fusion of French and British style, which makes it unique and a good place to go to. One of the former owners is a French President and the La Grande Savoyarde is also tagged as one of the most historical houses in France that the public can still visit today.


Right now, Chamonix is booming as a skiing destination for tourists and locals alike and La Grande Savoyarde is just five minutes away! Choose in any of the major ski resorts, enjoy the adrenaline rush and retire safe and sound in La Grande Savoyarde.

For bookings and more information about La Grande Savoyarde, please visit the official website at 

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