4 Hiking trials you MUST do in UK

Sometimes there’s no better way to relax than going on a beautifully picturesque hike through the beautiful UK. The UK has so much to offer when it comes to hiking, you can enjoy breath-taking scenery, green landscapes rich historical architecture and quaint little villages. What’s not to love?

Maybe you need a little inspiration for your next hike and want to go somewhere really beautiful but of course, challenging enough too.

You are in luck because we have devised some excellent choices for you to really invigorate the senses! Put on your waterproof, dust off the boots and let’s get to it!


The West Highland Way

Distance: 95 miles

Go big or go home right? Fancy seeing some of Scotland’s most beautiful and picturesque highlands? The West Highland Way will be perfect for exactly that!

Hopefully you are into some serious long-distance paths because the WHW is a staggering 95-mile trek! As you can imagine it really did raise the profile of the hiking opportunities on Glasgow’s doorstep.

So what’s it all about and why is it special? Many consider it a rite-of-passage trek. It will shower you with beautiful scenery from city suburbs to the forests of Loch Lomond, the desolation of Rannoch Moor and the drama of Devil’s Staircase.

Towards the end you will eventually wind up near the bottom of Ben Nevis.

What more could you ask from an introduction to the Scottish Highlands? Scotland being Scotland, don’t forget to take your waterproofs as it can get as wet as an otters pocket!


As a quick tip, in the summer months, it can also be a potentially unwanted introduction to the devious Highland midge – don’t forget the repellent!


Tramway Trail Cornwall

Distance: 11 miles

How about seeing some of stunning Cornwall? Known for it’s picture-perfect seas and landscapes.

This 11-mile trek will guide you along the West Country peninsula following the line of two early horse-drawn tramways, along which the tin and copper would once have trundled.

Not only will you enjoy a scenic trek, but one rich in history! This trek is both popular with cyclists and ramblers alike – It’s a coast-to-coast hike and has a few fine details typical of the Cornish consisting of interpretation boards fixed to granite stones that gives some insight into Cornwall’s rich mining past.

The breath-taking scenery speaks for itself, and the contrast between the “mine scapes” with the delicate woodlands and grassy glades is an image of perfection.


Roman Way Cotswolds

Distance: 11.5 miles

Fancy going back in time to discover what it was like for the romans? This hiking trail will suit your burning desire to experience a bit of history!

You can enjoy a little-known Roman walk way section on this hike, and the walk will also offer you an archaeological dream with an intriguing ramble through the heart of the Cotswold hills.


The route will direct you over the limestone heights along the last leg of Akeman Street, a major Roman road running west from modern-day St Albans to Cirencester (or Corinium, as the Romans knew it).

The hike originates in the unspoiled Coln river valley, and will lead you past an assortment of ancient villages situated close to Ampney brook and the river Churn. Ideally you will keep up a good pace as the real archaeological surprises await you towards the close of the hike.

On the outskirts of Cirencester stand the grass-covered remains of a Roman amphitheatre. Try to make some time to look around the Roman museum in town where you can enjoy browsing an impressive pottery collection as well as a rare, recently discovered tombstone.


Upper Wharfedale wildlife walk

Distance 6 miles

Here’s something for all those wildlife lovers out there! Upper Wharfedale offers you a rich landscape of limestone pavement, glaciated valleys and beautiful hay meadows.

The rich farming culture of this area is responsible for creating many intriguing wildlife habitats you can get up close to.

Feast your eyes on hillside streams and craggy outcrops to blanket bog and dry-stone walls – there’s literally everything to see here!

Tread along the limestone pavement in Strans Wood where you’ll be treated to some wild thyme, limestone bedstraw and bird’s-foot trefoil to name but a few!

The pretty roadsides are blooming with wild flower varieties such as the aniseed-scented sweet cicely and pink splashes of bistort. The landscape is framed by dry-stone walls accompanied by hay meadows enclosed within.

Hopefully you have found some inspiration for a new hiking adventure! From the Scottish highlands to wildlife treks there’s something for everyone to get their teeth into!

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