Shopping In London: Top Destinations You Need To Visit

We have all heard about those tales where the rich and fabulous fly off to London to do their shopping. Well, it might have been true in the earlier centuries but in modern times, London happens to be one of the best places to shop for both the rich and the not so rich.  It’s a beautiful city that contains everything that might make a shopped fall in love with. In fact, the only downside of London is not knowing where to shop from and where the best deals are available. And that is why we have come up with a list of top destinations to shop in London.

  1. Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, and Spitalfields- If you are the kind of person who looks for the trendiest of fashions and deals then this should be your spot. Every Sunday there is the Spitafields Market which houses some of the most dynamic, young and cutting edge designers and their work of art. If you walk down towards Brick Lane, Dray Walk, Redchurch and Cheshire Streets then you can see find different kinds of shops as well that have an amazing collection too. But my personal favorite is at Boxpark. As the name suggests, the shops here are all in the shape of boxes because empty containers have been turned into small hip looking stores here.
  2. Oxford Street- Keeping up with the big names, Oxford Street seems to have all the big names in the shopping industry. Starting from Zaras to Urban Outfitters to Top Shops and H&M, Oxford Street also has the likes of John Lewis, Debenhams as well as Selfridges. It’s like a shopper’s paradise over here with hundreds of other shoppers all bustling and jostling to their preferred stores and grabs all the amazing offers available. Even if you are from outside of London, then you can head over to the great little souvenir shops and get something nice for you.
  3. High Street Kensington- Don’t like people too much? Is Oxford Street too crowded for you? Then why not head over to High Street Kensington which is basically a less crowded version of Oxford Street. Over here you can get basically all the big named stores found in Oxford Street but with lesser noise and less number of people running into you. You could say this is like shopping in silent mode.
  4. Marylebone High Street- Moving away from the big named stores and busy roads, we head over to Marylebone High Street. If I had to describe this particular place then it would be something like a small town outside the main city that has got its own magnificent streets with great homeware stores like Cath Kidston. If you get hungry from all the roaming and shopping then you can try out their local food shops as well. They produce some of the finest local food at Marlyebone High Street. Ginger Pip at 8-10 Moxon St. is a must place visit too.
  5. Bond Street- If you don’t enjoy the quiet feel of a small town then come down to Bond Street. This is the ultimate concentration of the best designer shops from all around the world. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the list of names that can be found at Bond Street which include the likes of Donna Karan, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Nicole Fahri, Armani, Versace and Ralph Lauren. But that’s not all, if you or your loved ones are into diamonds then Bond Street has got the likes Cartier, Tiffany and Asprey and many other exclusive jewelers to meet your demands. Apart from all that, there are a couple of antique stores that can found along Bond Street which contain some of the most amazing collections.


With that, we conclude our list of great places to shop at in London. It does not matter if you are the kind of person who likes big named stores, if you are into the quieter shopping areas or if you enjoy shopping with other enthusiastic shoppers like yourself, London has you covered in every area. And maybe this is the reason why we have heard so many tales about how people love flying off to London to do their shopping.

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