Getting to Grips with the Birmingham Lifestyle Scene

Over the course of the past decade, one major city in England has seen an incredible expansion to its fashion and lifestyle scenes – thanks in no small part to the dozens of independently owned retail outlets, beauty salons and shops. What is this city you ask? Birmingham of course – and although this region might not have been at the top of the list a few decades ago, a lot has changed since then.

Like What Exactly?

Well, for a start, there’s the fact that the entire town centre has undergone extensive renovation in the past few years. Old buildings have been knocked down and replaced with vintage clothing stores, delis and coffee shops (to name just a few). The fashion scene in particular underwent a drastic change and as more and more retail outlets take advantage of the low-rental prices, is it any wonder why?

Nowadays, people flock from all across the UK to enjoy the shopping potential in the city, as well as eat at any number of the critically acclaimed cafés and eateries. There has even been a huge boom in hair and beauty salons over the course of the past few years, with several world-famous stylists and therapists setting up shop along the high street, or within Birmingham’s quiet pathways.

Which Types of Salons Are Available Here?

From small, privately owned facilities right through to national chains – the streets in and around this city play host to some of the most varied beauty salons, spas and hair treatment centres imaginable. One of the greatest appeals of these types of salons is that they often compete with one another as far as quality and affordability is concerned.

What that means is that if you’re looking to enjoy a world-class therapy from a reputable salon, then you should be able to find one at an affordable price, without running the risk of low quality results. In fact, we think fashion and lifestyle in Birmingham has only become as popular as it has recently because of the appealing services offered by the beauty centres in the region. You can see all the hair & beauty salons on offer in Birmingham at Birmingham’s 10 Best Hair & Beauty site.

But What about the Shops and Eateries?

Ah, well although the beauty and hair salons may have played a massive role in helping to turn the image of the city around, the shops, bars and cafés would have definitely been a part of the transformation, too. For a start, the Bullring Shopping Centre offers one of the most varied collections of eateries and retail outlets in the country.

With vintage stores, charity shops, chain brands and privately owned facilities there’s really no reason why a visitor shouldn’t be able to venture into the mall and find exactly what they are looking for fashion-wise. As far as lifestyle is concerned, the potential is just as varied. Not only does the mall feature a range of bars, coffee shops and other similarly-styled facilities; there are more choices than you could shake a stick at outside of the shopping area itself.

If you fancy stopping off for a bite to eat you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the presence of McDonalds, Burger King, Café Nero and Costa Coffee – all of which are within walking distance of one another. That takes care of those tummy grumblings and once you’re full, you could always consider taking a walk through the back alleys and paths to get to grips with some of the oldest buildings in the city – some of which boast their original brickwork and architecture.

Are There Any Notable Fashion Events in the Region?

Funny you should ask, because there is one particular event that often has people struggling to secure their tickets – and it’s known as the MODA Fashion Exhibition. Birmingham just so happens to be the exclusive location for this event, with the next one taking place between the 6th and 8th of August. There are two options for visitors:

The first is to book a ticket to bear witness to some of the most stylish and iconic fashion ideas to hit the market. The second is to apply for a stand and showcase your design prowess to all that plan on visiting. The show occurs once every two years and it plays host to fashion designers, lifestyle bloggers, media agencies, beauticians, therapists and many, many more in between.

Why Might You Want to Visit the City?

If you don’t live there, the only way to really learn about what is on offer is by taking a trip. It won’t matter if you’re planning a visit for the fashion, the nightlife, the lifestyle, or even for the shopping in general – the city itself offers so many facets to locals and visitors alike that you’ll probably feel spoilt for choice!

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