Should you plan a stag weekend abroad?

Stag weekends are the new trend all over the United Kingdom, replacing the old dandy and snobbish receptions that were decades ago. And it’s definitely for the best, because when you think about it, this is one of the most important parties a bachelor will ever experience.

That’s why it shouldn’t be a simple grab-a-beer-and-shoot-a-dart kind of party, because that is definitely a recipe for a simple night out.

That’s why stag weekends abroad are absolutely booming right now. Especially stag weekends in Europe, because, if you think about it, a little trip for a special occasion sort of fits this whole equation, don’t you think?

Right: let’s speak about the stag weekends abroad and why you should choose one!


Stag weekends abroad – are they worth the money?

First thing when going on a trip, no matter the number of days you’re going to spend in your chosen destination, is: what’s the budget?

And you’re right: it sucks to go on a trip with little funds or plan an expensive journey and find yourself there on a shoestring budget.

There are situations and situations, though. In the case of a stag do abroad, the budget is both the most important and the least important thing. Why?

  • The budget is important because you want to have fun and not to spend every minute worrying that everything is too expensive. You want to be financially assured when going out of the borders, because this safety gives you the necessary comfort to enjoy yourself
  • The budget is the last on the list when it comes to a stag do, because it’s a once in a lifetime activity and money should not be the issue. You should have a blast, throw money at strippers, go clubbing, enjoy fun activities, without thinking about it

How do you mix those 2 perfectly understandable points of view?

Simple: you choose a company to organize the stag do in your stead.


Is organizing a stag weekend in Europe complicated?

Organizing your life is complicated. When it comes to planning something special for more individuals, including you and a man, who happens to be your best friends and who’s about to get married, then yeah, things are definitely complicated.

You’re the best man, you’re supposed to take care of everything when it comes to a stag weekend abroad in Europe. But, hey, we’re all humans, and sometimes we need help.

That’s why a company like Eventhuse is there for you, to take all the nasty things of planning a stag weekend abroad, and give you only the perks of choosing how this whole adventurous weekend is going to unfold.

Don’t worry, booking a company like Eventhuse doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend the big bucks. If you take a look at their website,, you will actually discover that you will have to spend less than if you’re going to plan all by yourself.

Good luck and party hard!

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