HAWAII Travel Guide: Things to Do in Big Island

Hawaii is not only a great destination during summer. All year round, the Big Island is a great place to go to whenever you feel like going on a vacation or whenever you have that travel itch. Obvious by its name, the Big Island is the biggest island in Hawaii; since it covers a lot of ground, you can expect to have tons of fun in the island. The Big Island of Hawaii offers so many choices of activities and sites that it can even be somewhat overwhelming, especially for first timers.

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To avoid getting overwhelmed with what to put on your itinerary, listed below are the activities you can do based on different likings.

*Note: There is no need to worry when it comes to accommodation. Since the island is very visitor friendly, Big Island rentals are found all over the place.


Hike the Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls is one of the most famous falls in the island. It is most famous for two reasons: beauty and ease. How is a 442 feet waterfall not breathtaking? Most especially, since it is surrounded by green moss and vegetation that contrast with the shimmering water. Why ease, because the hike to the falls is relatively short and definitely beginner-friendly. So you get to see a beautiful sight with minimal effort.

Skyline at Akaka Falls

Yeap, hiking isn’t the only adventure you can experience at Akaka Falls. If you’re looking to take your adventure experience to new heights, you will love to do all the skyline eco adventures at Akaka Falls.

Explore the Volcano National Park

A different side of Mother Nature to see, the volcanoes in the place will give you an interesting tour around what other secrets Mother Nature actually has. There are a lot of walking and biking trails available. So you can opt to take it slow or get yourself sweaty for the activity.

Get Up Close and Personal with Hawaiian Green Turtles at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

Yes, you read that right. It is a black sand beach. How don’t those two things excite you? It isn’t everyday that you find a beach with black sand and where unique green turtles like to chill and hang out. Don’t waste the chance to cross this off of your bucket list.

*Just remember that you are not supposed to bother and hurt the turtles!

See Papakolea, the Green Beach

If the Punalu’u beach did not wow you, then Papakolea surely would! The sand has an olive green kind of color making the contrast with the sea water even more unique.

Snorkel with Manta Rays

Take a dive and enjoy the beautiful view that many people don’t get to see. You get to swim in the area where manta rays usually stay. Appreciate the different aura that underwater environment gives off and the gentle manta rays.

Swim with Dolphins

Can’t get enough of the gentle creatures of the sea? Try swimming with one of the intelligent creatures of the sea, the dolphins! There are a lot of places in the Big Island that offers the experience of getting to swim with dolphins. No matter what age or what skill level in swimming you have, you can do and enjoy this activity! Like come on, who doesn’t love dolphins?


History and Art

Visit the Jaggar Museum

It is a museum for volcanology. There are quite a number of displays you will see such the kinds of lava, technology used by scientists to monitor volcanoes, by-products of the volcano during eruption, etc. You will learn about the science behind earthquakes and volcanoes and their relationship and as well as their relationship with Pelehonuamea or Pele, the Hawaiian fire goddess.

Have Fun at Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park

Step on the land that was walked on by royalty. The area of the park was once considered royal grounds. This sacred site is quiet and peaceful, great for having those long walks. It is located in Honaunau bay.

*Trivia: This place is actually a place of refuge for the rule breakers of Hawaii.


Food and Drinks

Dine at Conscious Culture Café

Eating healthy does not mean that delicious taste has to be let go. The Conscious Culture Café is the perfect example found in the island of an establishment that serves food and drinks that have healthly meals available but the taste is still exceptional! Their smoothies and pancakes are some of the things you must try. Plus, the ambiance is very cozy.

Start Your Day at Just Cruising Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee is really just one of the best ways to start your day right. Based on many locals and even visitors of the island, if you’re looking for coffee that soothes your soul, speaks to your love for caffeine, then include Just Cruising Coffee in your itinerary. And if you have your kiddos with you, you can also get them their famous milkshakes, or you know, you can also get yourself your own milkshake.

Get Stuffed at Hilo Bay Café

Had such a tiring or energy draining day? Did going around the island exhaust you? Well, why not replenish in the Hilo Bay Café where mixtures of cuisines can be found. Craving for American, Asian, or French food? You’re in luck, this café serves exactly those cuisines. Each dish is cooked to perfection! Definitely one of the best restaurants in island.

Buy at Hilo Farmers Market

Looking to cook and taste local produce? Then the best bet you have for getting the best produce and protein in the Big Island is found at the Hilo Farmers Market. Every single thing there is fresh and super great quality and taste. And cheap too!


No matter what type of adventure you are hoping to have, all activities and all places in the Big Island, Hawaii will be truly unforgettable!



  • Any activity that involves animals, take note that you are not supposed to bother and hurt them.
  • Share your wonderful experience with other people.


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