Top 8 Best Hotels in Worcester, United Kingdom for 2019

The United Kingdom is one of the best places you need to visit even for once in your lifetime. Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or a family getaway, make sure to include UK in your 2019 travel bucketlist. Also, there are so many beautiful landmarks and attractions found in this country. And ultimately, you’ve got plenty of cosy hotels to stay at Worcester.

The Drewdrop Inn

1. The Dewdrop Inn (check discounted rates)

With 4 stars rating, this hotel is conveniently located in Lower Broadheath, Worcester. It’s perfect for couples and partner travellers with basic and deluxe accommodation needs. The Gregorian architecture of the building makes this hotel rustic and classic for guests of all types. They offer free Wi-Fi, free parking, and a bar.

Fownes Hotel

2. Fownes Hotel (check discounted rates)

If you want to stay near City Walls Rd in Worcester, you can choose this hotel. This is rated with 3 stars and popular for travellers and even local tourists. The Fownes Hotel offers cosy rooms and is located near the city. With spacious rooms, you can also enjoy bathrooms with shower, TV set, and DVD player as some of the amenities.

3. St. Lawrence Hotel (check discounted rates)

This hotel looks like a fine Edwardian home with a walking distance from the central town. It is located near the Worcester Cathedral, Porcelain Factory, and Royal Worcester. Each bedroom offers shower rooms, wide dining area, and fresh breakfast served every morning. They also provide free parking for guests and comfortable lounge.

Ye Olde Talbot Hotel

4. Ye Olde Talbot Hotel (check discounted rates)

Experience this long-standing coaching inn at the heart of Worcester, just near the cathedral. It has been established since the 13th century and provides a comfortable stay for travellers up until now. They have a bar area, huge rooms, and free Wi-Fi. Plus, you can enjoy the British menu and real cask drinks at Ye Olde Talbot Hotel.

Boutique Suites Worcester

5. Boutique Suites Worcester (check discounted rates)

If you choose to stay here, you’ll get a feel of a classic ambiance with picturesque setting. Just beside the river, you can enjoy some refreshing drinks offered by the bar and restaurant inside the building. Rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi access.

The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel

6. The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel (check discounted rates)

This is located near road and rail stations so you can easily access the top landmarks and shops in the city. The overall atmosphere of this hotel is exceptional and their food is truly a must-try. The best feature is the health club facilities that include sauna, spa bath, indoor pool, and a gym.

The Crown Wetherspoon

7. The Crown Wetherspoon (check discounted rates)

Some of the great features and amenities offered by this hotel are a restaurant, free Wi-Fi access, bar, and many more. The rooms provide private bathrooms, air conditioning, delectable food, and more. They have an accommodating staff that will guide you throughout your stay.

The Cardinals Hat

8. The Cardinals Hat (check discounted rates)

With the same basic amenities offered by other hotels in Worcester, The Cardinals Hat remains a great option for hotel accommodation. Here, you can experience living in close proximity to the business district, schools, and other top places in the city.

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