Transforming Traditional Conservatories Into Modern Living Rooms and Home Offices

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When it comes to remodeling projects, there are plenty of modern ways to achieve the best outcomes. One of the latest trends today in home improvements is building garden rooms. Traditional conservatories can be designed to accommodate home office work while providing an entertainment area for family and guests.

I had a conversation with two friends of mine: One is a novelist in her late 30’s who is also a doting mother of 2. Since she is a stay-at-home-mom these days, she and her husband decided on extending their home with a conservatory which is now transformed into an open office space overlooking their garden. With the new set-up, she is still able to do an outline of her third book.

The second one is a blogger friend who recently got married. She traveled around Asia for two years and now, she’s back in the United Kingdom for good. She and her husband are now busy designing their new home. With mementos from their trips, they’ve decided to stay put in the UK and work on their backlogs. They bought a house with a conservatory which they’ve also turned into a living room and gallery of her husband’s photographs.

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So how can you transform your garden room into a more convenient living space where you can also write and edit articles or manuscripts needed in your job?

What Are Traditional Conservatories?

A conservatory is like a garden room where you can enjoy wider space with refreshing atmosphere. You can choose from gable-fronted, lean-to, Victorian, or Edwardian conservatory designs. However, make sure to understand the exact requirements you need before choosing a conservatory design so that you will get the perfect style for your home.

Garden rooms, on the other hand, have less exposed glazing which is ideal in creating additional space such as home office and modern living room for receiving guests. They have room-like atmosphere, but they are built with only a half-brick extension. This means you get additional lighting while enjoying the natural outdoor views.

Modern Conservatory Designs

There are different conservatory designs that are available for any home improvement needs. Whether you’re looking for a convenient space to add to your home or a simple garden area to chill with family and friends, traditional conservatories are the best home improvement options.

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Below are some of the popular styles you can use for your home office and living room conservatory project:

  • Wooden furniture design. In order to achieve a more natural looking conservatory, you can use garden tools, various plant species, and wooden furniture to achieve this style. The vintage feel make it a little bit more cozy and relaxing.
  • Wall decoration style. If you want to create a living room extension, you can experiment on your wall decorations to make it more inviting. You can add a nice rustic look to your neutral backdrop with mismatched cushions for a futuristic conservatory design.
  • Slate flooring design. If you want a more spacious conservatory, you can choose slate flooring. The black tiles are perfect if you’re trying to achieve a neutral style with white sofas and other furniture.

To create more space for your decorative ornaments and potted plants, open shelving is an ideal solution for garden rooms or traditional conservatories. They enhance living spaces, such as home offices, guest receiving area and other additional spaces in your home.

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