Top Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress

We all need comfortable support while sleeping. However, the need for comfort increases once you have had back surgery. As such, if you are heading home after back surgery, you should consider investing in a new mattress that yields the best comfort for you back possible. After all, the best healing happens while we sleep.

Investing in the best bed helps you avoid some health issues in the future. Herein are some of the things to consider when investing in a new mattress:

Doctor’s recommendations/suggestions


Personal preference

What Does Professional Advice Say

Your doctor or physiotherapist may have personal recommendations that he/she believes will work perfectly for you. Alternatively, he/she may give you a list of features and or brands to look for that work perfectly for your condition. Given that your doctor or physiotherapist has an intricate understanding of your back history, they are well placed to help you invest in the best mattress possible.

Keep in mind that mattress options and materials do change a lot. To this end, you should conduct your research ahead of time. Acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of the various mattress options and brands, like kingsdown, on the market. For instance:

Memory foam mattresses have attained the name Tempur-pedic, the brand that introduced these types of mattress concepts to the market. This type of mattresses consists of layers of foam with polyurethane core. As such, they do not have any spring. If you choose a firm memory foam mattress, it will not have enough give.

Latex mattresses have accrued a reputation for not causing allergies. The latex material the mattresses are made of have antimicrobial properties and they are exceptionally resistant to dust mites and mold. They yield a little less firmness but not a significant difference when compared to the foam mattress. If you are in need neutral material that does not cause allergies, latex is a good bet.

Sleep-number beds are a good option for bedmates with varying mattress preferences sleeping needs. This type of mattress materials allows every individual to choose the firmness of the mattress and adjusting the sleeping angle. Each bedmate essentially gets a somewhat bespoke mattress.

Your Budget

The range of mattresses you can choose from is varied. You can go for the high-end and premium pillow-top or you can simply buy basement mattress at the discount store. With this in mind, stipulating your budget is an important consideration to have in mind. Heading out to make a mattress purchase without a budget in mind could easily lead to overspending.

However, you should consider budgeting, obviously keeping in mind the features you are interested in. Some of the features to consider include; 

Can the mattress support your entire body?

How much give does the mattress has?

Does the mattress support your back sufficiently?

How much comfort does the mattress give you when you lie on it?

Try Before You Buy

Finally, make a point of testing all the mattresses at the store. Dedicate ample time for this exercise as you will need about 20 minutes in every mattress to determine the best type to purchase.

When testing the mattresses, ensure you test the entire mattress structure. Do not just sit on the edge of the mattress. So, dress comfortably in preparations of lying on the mattress in a wide variety of positions that you would normally sleep with during the night. However, always ensure your back in line.

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