10 Things to Do in Oxford

Popularly known as the City of Dreaming Spires, Oxford is home to the oldest university in Britain. And aside from its famous landmarks, the city is also rich in character, history and activities for visiting tourists. But if you truly want to experience the hidden gems of Oxford, below are some tips for a memorable trip in this historical city.

Oxford University Tour (Photo fro GetYourGuide)
  1. Walking Tour

A visit to Oxford can be one of your unforgettable adventures due to the remarkable sites it offers. If you go on a walking tour, you’ll be able to see the university’s hallowed halls while witnessing the actual places where Harry Potter shot its scenes such as the Bodleian Library in Oxford University.

2. Museum Hopping

The ever-popular Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology is a site to visit. This is the first museum ever built in England in 1683. Also, visitors are amazed by the anthropology collections displayed in the Pitt Rivers Museum. This experience will give you Egyptian mummies, Roman/Greek statues, Lawrence of Arabia’s robes, and a lot more.

3. Country Getaway

In the eastern part of Oxford, you’ll find the Chiltrens’ wooded wonderland. This is a must-visit spot in the city for a perfect country getaway experience. And on the opposite direction, visitors fall in love with the Cotswolds, and Blenheim Palace in the northern side.

4. Sightseeing

By taking a boat trip, you can also hire a punt, you’ll find serenity in the waterways of the city. The calming atmosphere while on cruise makes the entire trip more memorable. Plus, there are unbelievable attractions along the waterways.

5. Shopping

Of course, an Oxford trip wouldn’t be complete without buying some souvenirs. Bargain hunters and fashion lovers are sure to find what they’re looking for in the Bicester Village. This is a popular shopping outlet in the city that offers big brands including Chanel, Nike, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and more for more affordable prices.

6. Cycling Tour

And for those who want some exciting activity while exploring the beauty of the city, a bicycle would be a lovely ride. This is a convenient way to tour around and see amazing sceneries in Oxford.

7. Visiting the Parks/Gardens

For day tours, checking out the glorious green gardens in the city would be a pleasurable experience. The Botanic Garden, Christ Church, and Worcester College are also along the central streets of Oxford.

8. High Tea Experience

You can have a cuppa while sightseeing to enjoy Oxford more. The Randolph Hotel offers the best afternoon tea in the city with delicious treats for everyone. Also, they have homemade scones flavored with fancy ingredients.

9.Eagle and Child’s Pint

Don’t miss the Eagle and Child inn if you want to sip on a pint and sit where JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis sat in this pub. The place offers an ideal relaxation after a long-day tour in the city.

10. Explore the Oxford Castle

In Oxford Castle, the oldest building in the city, you will find the Saxon St. George’s Tower. There is also an underground, 900-year-old vault where you can deeply explore the castle. But of course, your Oxford trip won’t be complete without visiting the Oxford University. This historical building will leave you awed by the popular tourist sites like the Radcliffe Camera and more!

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