Go Local: In the Name of Love

Baby, its cold outside! The sun may still shine bright these days, but rain falls occasionally and the weather is getting colder. Before you know it, it’s autumn. And then it is winter. Still, you are single!

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For years, most of us (whether we admit it or not) rely on online dating sites. It is no longer a taboo subject. In fact, happily-ever-afters do exist and there are a lot of success stories that are legit testimonials. However, there are some instances that your ‘match’ might only be looking for Mr. or Ms. Right Now.

If you’re already in the stage of your life where you’re tired of playing games and you simply want to settle down, get married, have kid and hopefully spend romantic years building a family, reaching dreams and goals with the one you love, then maybe going local will be the best thing to do.

So, what do I mean with ‘going local’? There are new websites popping out lately that are more concentrated on a specific place or region. For example, going to a Suffolk Dating site is much better than in the general one. Your choices are already narrowed down to people who are based in Suffolk. No need to worry about going the distance to meet someone from a different part of the UK or the world just to meet up for a date!

Why is this better for those seeking long term relationship? Let me share some points that will make you think:

1. You are already in the base – Most likely, the people who signed are also looking for the same kind of relationship or set-up that you want. Finding a Date in Suffolk also means that you most likely have common friends with your potential date and you’re both familiar with the place (familiarity brings comfort, right?).

2. Going on a date in your hometown also means you have an excuse to be ‘touristy’ in your own place! It will be nice to revisit spots and discover what’s within your county. Have you tried a local coffee shop that just opened? How about the new fine dining restaurant in the town centre? When was the last time you visited a pub that your parents used to love when they were your age? When was the last time you took a glimpse of the local museum? Going on a ‘trip to memory lane’ type of date is much more rewarding, I tell you!

3. You can also picture raising your own – If you were born and raised in Suffolk, you most likely know where the best school is, the best residential area, the grocery stores, best fish and chips place, the hospital and so on. Your full-time job might be in the location too! Less adjustments is needed when you and your potential partner are from the same area.

4. The cost is less – Yes! No need to spend extra money for petrol or expensive train rides. A home cooked dinner or a Netflix night at home will do. Quality Time over Quantity of Money Spent!

So, there you have it! If you’re thinking long term, go local!

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