Is Holiday Romance in the Books?

Last month, I saw the teaser trailer of the upcoming Holiday season-themed film ‘Last Christmas‘ featuring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. I love the fact that the movie will feature some of the hits of the late George Michael and his band Wham! Don’t you just think Last Christmas is one of the most recognized Christmas song? I’ve been hearing this song since I was a kid and though the tune is supposedly happy, the lyrics is… errr… quite making me sad.

Autumn is here. Can you feel it? Summer is slowly bidding its farewell and I am feeling the cold weather already. What’s worse is that I’ve been busy with some work-related tasks that my love life is in the unimportant category. It was fine for summer because I spent it in music festivals with my dear crazy friends and even went on numerous city breaks with the family. But it is getting cold now and I need some… romance. There, I said it!

When a good friend of mine joked about the idea of checking out a site with Northamptonshire Singles, I took it seriously. Jokes are half meant, right? She introduced the concept of meeting a potential partner – whether that is in love or in friendship online since she’s done it a couple of times. In fact, she and her fiancé met up in a similar set-up. The possibility of meeting a potential partner or a Mr.-Right-Now through a legit website with a specific location makes it more convenient, to be honest. Distance won’t be a problem! Yay! Given that scenario, I now have the reason to really explore the Northamptonshire Dating scene. Now, I have the reason to update my wardrobe with autumn clothes. If I will dress up for a date, this will give me a bit more inspiration to really go out and shop. I  am not really like most women who enjoys shopping until they drop. Not me. I am lazy!

But when it comes to meeting a potential soulmate – or even just a Mr. Right Now is appealing. We can go on walking tours and visit some museums within the county. We can also visit other Warwickshire or the rest of the Midlands for that matter.

Another thing that I imagine doing is maximizing the concept of ‘Netflix and Chill’. Literally, you will watch tons of films that are listed on Netflix and just chill in a couch. But my friend told me that it is actually a metaphor. I stopped myself in watching Christmas Romance films in the past, but watching ‘The Holiday’ made me want to take on a love adventure online.

Speaking of, I think that film is the only Christmas themed film that I’ve seen in years! Home Alone is not counted because I was literally a kid when I saw that one with the family. That time, I related much to Kate Winslet’s character. What if I just go to LA and trade places with a rich American girl for the Christmas break? Nah. I’m feeling confident I will find my Holiday partner in Northamptonshire! We can also visit other Warwickshire, the rest of the Midlands, or even book Iceland vacation packages for that matter.

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