Why You Must Use Square Meal (especially if you’re a foodie or getting married!)

Can you feel the Holiday spirit? I do!

Christmas is fast approaching. Most are already thinking of the perfect gifts to give to their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Some are taking this time to go on a holiday break, whether that is abroad or in a city like London or Brighton. Some plan for family reunions and there are those who are getting married. Well, it is quite practical to marry during the Holiday season so that most likely, your immediate family are in town for a vacation.

If you’re thinking of visiting London in the coming months, there is a big probability that your favorite restaurant might be full. It is advisable to book a table in advance especially for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Some even book as early as June.


Square Meal is one of the most reliable and trust-worthy apps/websites when it comes to restaurant reviews. They have the best ‘Best List’ ever! It was in Square Meal where I found a number of restaurant recommendations that are 100% true and legit. Just recently, they released a list of Top 100 UK Restaurants which gave me an idea on where to go next time I’m in Berkshire, Nottingham, Oxfordshire and so on. Who says you can’t visit a specific destination for the food, huh?


They also have a good selection of meeting venues. This comes as a surprise to some users as they didn’t really expect that Square Meal has a number of meeting venues suggestions – whether it is formal or informal. You can narrow it down according to the location you wish for your meeting to happen. The directory is useful.


Did I hear wedding bells? Guess what? They have a section for possible wedding venues too! Plan your dream wedding or do your duty as a reliable maid of honor by checking out the list that they have on the site. To make your work a bit more easier, they also have a number of event suppliers on the site – whether that is for a wedding or any other special occasion. Isn’t that awesome? From caterers to hospitality staff to performers – name it and they have it!

Photo by chuttersnap


  1. Easy to Navigate – The newly revamped Square Space site/app makes it more accessible and user-friendly. Non-techies need not fret because it is easy to use and navigate.
  2. Price range is listed – Do you have a specific budget requirement? There is a price range listed to give you an idea on how much you need to shell out when you dine in the restaurant of your choice.
  3. Credible Reviews – The reviews are legit and reliable unlike other sites where you’re not sure if the ones posting on the sites are real human beings or bots.
  4. All-in-One Hub – Especially for wedding and event planning since they already have a directory for possible venues and suppliers. That saves time and energy!

If you’re visiting the UK this coming Holiday break (especially London and big cities), you better download Square Meal so you can reserve a table, inquire on possible meeting or wedding venues or keep in touch with event suppliers!

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