My Top 5 Favorite Design Mock Ups from Design Bundles

Are you ready for the yearly exchange gift tradition this coming Christmas? Are you struggling or stressed in choosing the best gift to give your family, friends and special someone? Well, you are not alone!

Although gift-giving is more of a ‘must do’, we still want our gifts to be used and appreciated by the receiver. It is better to still give presents that is well though of and not just ‘generic’.

There is an ongoing trend of sending customized items. To make it less expensive but more fun, websites like Design Bundles offer mock ups that can you can use. There’s a lot of good designs to choose from! Whether the person you’re giving a gift to is a traveler, coffee drinker or a sleepyhead, you can choose in any of these mock ups which you can find it the website:

White Mug Mock Ups available in Design Bundles


Mugs are considered as a usual Christmas gift especially if you’re on a rush and on a strict budget. Why not make it much more personalized by adding a quote or something that will entice the one using it? Coffee and Tea lovers will surely appreciate it and if the text written is inspiring, it might even be posted on social media!
Cusstomized T-Shirts for a Family? Check!


I actually love receiving statement shirts so I know that a lot of people appreciate it especially if it features something the receiver believes in. Want some inspiration? Add ‘Girl Power’! if you’re giving it to a Spice Girls fan or ‘No Boyfriend? No Problem!’ if you’re friend is newly-single and not really looking!
Get Daily Inspirations From Your Wall!


I’ve seen frames with inspiring quotes and photos in a lot of Pinterest boards. It is usually hung in home offices, rooms and even in the living room. There’s something about looking at these uplifting messages that automatically makes you feel empowered which is almost has the same effect when you listen to your favorite song or anthem.
Personalized Dream Land is Possible!


Didn’t I tell you that there’s something for the sleepyheads on this list?! They say that the bedroom tells a lot about a person. I know that there’s a lot of good beddings designs available in your favorite home store, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive or give something customized once and for all? Now, there’s more reason to stay in bed and be lazy on the weekends!
Cheers! Let’s Celebrate!

Wine Bottle Mock Up

Of course, we will never forget the wine drinkers! Yay! Make wine-gift giving more special with a customized label. You may opt to add special messages or just put a name on it. Whatever floats your boat, dear! You can even say the things you want to say to the receiver even before you get drunk. It will be special, i bet!

I am just glad that sites such as Design Bundles gives me the opportunity to personalized my gifts. Actually, I will also use the mock ups for my own since I plan to buy a property. It will be my first investment so I just want my personality to stand out in the space!

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