Best Video Streaming Sites in the UK Apart From Netflix

I may be living in one of the best countries in the world but I must admit that sometimes I really cant be bothered going outside to explore nature or hang out in the pub for a beer. Sometimes, I prefer to stay at home and relax. There are days your girl just want to chill – watch movies and chill with fish and chips on my lap.

One of the things that helped me in creating a hassle free and chill life in UK is the fact that I really enjoy the streaming sites available. Netflix is considered as the leader worldwide and most probably, you already have an account with them. What about some alternatives to Netflix, ei?

Here, I have compiled the best video streaming sites that I think you too will enjoy. This list is based on my actual experience. So you can select whatever or whichever site that cater to your needs the most.

Amazon Prime Video

Another equally appealing streaming site I use is the Amazon Prime Video. For £9.99 per month if you are not a member or a measly £7.99 if you are a Prime member, you can have access to thousands of films and shows. If you pay for a year, that will cost you £79. This is not bad as it lowers your monthly cost to as little as £6.58 a month.

As I’ve said, you can access to series such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Jack Ryan, and many more. For films, they have Amazon originals such as  21 Bridges and Hustlers. With  The cons, I noticed is that there aren’t too many releases.

Disney +

With the introduction of Disney+, you can enjoy all fantasy universes in one site. Here, you can watch movies old and new from Marvel, Disney and Pixar productions. You can enjoy all your childhood movies and even originals in one website or app. The subscription cost for a year is £59.99. Or if you prefer to pay on a monthly basis, it would cost you £5.99 but you can cancel anytime you want.

Unlike other streaming sites, you can use your Disney+ profile with a maximum of 10 devices connected. IN fact, you can also simultaneously watch using 4 devices at once. The downside though is it is mainly catered for those fans who are into watching fantasy films or series. SO if you are into real life dramas, I suggest go for other sites


The 4K market introduced audience to alternative viewing. For £50, you can get yourself the Roku Streaming Stick, a one-time payment that allows you to have access to thousands of shows from different streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and BBC iPlayer.

As for the con, you have to have a smart TV for one. And with Roku, you will have to have access to a Roku Streaming Stick to make streaming more efficient. Although it is practically so easy to set up, I guess that is not much of a con.


Sky Store

 If you are not really a big TV and movie fan, and you just occasionally watch some films, then Sky Store is the one I recommend. Operating on a pay-per-view method, you literally just pay for what you want to watch. You can rent, buy or even preorder some films. They have offerings for as low as  £1.99 per film. They also have series such as Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who and The Sopranos.

The cons though is that since their platform is on a pay-per-view basis, you may have to spend more depending on your mood. If you are to binge watch a series, I suggest it would be better to have at least a monthly subscription.

There you go! I have given you 4 of the best streaming sites or methods I have tried during my time in the UK. Of course, it is still up to your choice and your budget which one to choose. Note, that unless you are fully aware of the films and movies that a site offers, do not fully commit paying a yearly fee. Try monthly for some time and if you are convinced that their service is great, then avail of the yearly offer.

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