How to Date When Observing Social Distancing?

There’s no certainty when it comes to dating, but the global pandemic surely brought a new twist for singles who want to date despite the new normal. For instance, the social distancing to be maintained when meeting people in person became an advantage to spend more time in getting to know each other rather than getting intimate right after meeting up for the first time.

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So, how do you know if someone is what you’re looking for? Remember, you cannot touch each other therefore using your senses to know the person is the best way to see if they meet your standards. Hertfordshire dating site can help you find the perfect match online during this time of crisis.

Distance Dating Tips for the New Norm

Online dating has been popular even before the coronavirus hit the different parts of the world. After you’ve matched, the next step of course is exchanging messages. However, the pandemic made people rely on video chatting especially those working from home. And video calls offer a great opportunity to date virtually.

Here are some tips to help you achieve successful dating while observing social distancing:

  • Play old-school games. With online communication being the most widely used medium to keep in touch with families and friends, it’s good to reduce screen time by choosing old-school games instead of mobile games. For example, you can solve crossword puzzles or play Battleship on graph paper.
  • Share a drink via video chat. With the new norm drastically changing our lives, many couples on long distance relationships are now resorting to online dating like Whether you’re planning a dinner date or preparing for some drinking celebration for your first month, doing it through a video chat is an unforgettable experience at this time of pandemic.
  • Watch Netflix together. One of the most popular virtual dating activities today is watching Netflix or movies using platforms or services that allow syncing up chat and Netflix viewing. Netflix Party, for instance, has been popularly used all over the world by couples who can’t go to the movie theater to watch whatever is showing.
  • Chat and create. While video chatting, there are so many things you can do together to maximize quality time despite the distance. Find some art supplies in your room and be creative on something you want to create together. You can paint, draw, or even do some DIY projects while you chat on the phone.
  • Attend a virtual concert together. With artists restricted to do a live concert during a pandemic, many talented one are now turning to live streaming platforms such as YouTube to perform for their fans. Check online what bands or artists are holding a virtual concert that you want to watch together. New norm can’t stop you from enjoying your company even without being physically present.

Social distancing is only a preventive measure to stop the spread of coronavirus, but it shouldn’t stop you from having a romantic relationship. FaceTime dates and doing interesting things virtually with your date are increasingly becoming the new normal.

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