On Dating Locally While on Lockdown

Time flies really fast. Who would’ve thought that most of us will spend our 2020 inside our homes instead of traveling to different countries, dining out in fancy restaurants or watching movies in the cinemas? Who would’ve thought that our everyday routine will be affected and we’re kind of forced to embrace the ‘new normal’? Even our dating life is affected!

Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in ‘The Holiday’

For some people, this can be a challenge. I know some extrovert friends of mine who struggled because they’re naturally social butterflies. Now, they’re forced to stay at home and rethink several factors in life. I know one who mentioned that joining a Cheshire dating site made it easy for him to meet someone who is just near his place. Up to now they’re still in the ‘getting to know each other’ stage and as they say, if you’re determined to make it work, it will work.

If you’re someone who longs for companionship that will eventually lead into something really serious, an open communication to a prospect is the key. You don’t need to see each other physically everyday. A simple chat, exchange of interest and recommendation of activities to do is a good start. Dating these days aren’t that hard to be honest.

You just have to be patient and determined. Explore dating Cheshire and you will find it out yourselves. Dating locally can be beneficial in terms of exploring your locality. You may find an ‘off the beaten path’ that is worth going to or a secret restaurants that only locals know. For me as an introvert, watching movies and listening to music with the one I have feelings for is the best thing to do.

I went on a date with someone who is also a big fan of The Beatles. He adores Paul McCartney while I love George Harrison. He told me interesting trivias about The Beatles that I didn’t know and he even gave me some souvenirs that he purchased from his Liverpool trip from last year. We watched the movie ‘Yesterday’ together and he cried with me when I took the courage to watch the documentary of George Harrison entitled ‘Living in the Material World’. It was special because I was with someone who understands my love for the Fab 4. Guess what? We’re still constantly communicating!

It was also a big relief when I found out that he loves watching some cheesy romantic comedies like The Holiday, You’ve Got Mail and Always Be My Maybe. We rewatched the films together virtually and exchanged notes. He is also a fan of the Peaky Blinders (that’s why we’re visiting the Black County Museum soon!) and he wants to take me to Liverpool soon. It would be nice to visit the hometown of the Fab 4 and take lotsa lotsa pictures! Maybe I’m Amazed?

If I were you, you have to open your heart with the possibilities in online dating. Have some room for love while on lockdown! Of course, you have to be extra cautious and be responsible.

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