Indoor Plant Tips for Beginners

One of the most effective ways to bring life to a dull interior is to add some greens. In fact, over lockdown the sales of houseplants have been increasing and it seems to continue despite the global pandemic crisis. It’s easy to be lured by these cute little indoor plants, but taking care of them is actually challenging especially for beginners.

Chinese Money Plant

Two of the most popular plants in the UK today are the Chinese money plant and the Swiss cheese plant. These adorable houseplants are truly a must-have in everyone’s indoor garden. Here are some beginner tips to make sure your indoor plants grow well in your home:

  • Know how much water to give your plants. A beginner’s main problem in having indoor plants is the tendency to drown them. Overwatering can kill your houseplants, so make sure to check the soil before watering your plants. If it feels damp, your plant doesn’t need watering yet.
  • Choose the plants to include in your indoor garden. Just like choosing the ideal dog breeds that match your personality, you also need to pick the right plants that you pretty well know how to handle. You can do some research about the different houseplants that are easy to manage for beginners before buying from your local plant shop.
  • Get all the necessary gardening tools. Now that you have chosen your plants, the next step is to invest in the essential tools that can make your gardening experience more enjoyable. Some of the must-haves include plant mister, drip trays, and premium fertilisers.
  • Familiarise yourself with the repotting process. Houseplants are bought in plastic pots to easily transfer them in their permanent pots. This is a skill to learn if you’re planning to make indoor gardening a long-term hobby, not just during the lockdown. Repotting can help you provide better growing environment for the growth spurts of your plants.
  • Allow some humidity in your indoor garden. Giving your houseplants some humidity can help them grow healthier. You can mist them to ensure the air is not too dry due to your home’s central heating system. This is an essential gardening tip for both new and seasoned gardeners in UK homes.
  • Let your houseplants rest. The best time to allow your plants to take some break is during winter. Normally, plants need this resting period in order to thrive in the next season. Make sure to water your plants as they rest during the cold months. Let them get a bit cooler and don’t feed them too much.
  • Arrange your indoor plants together. A fun fact about plants is that they want to be around with other plants. In one pot, you can put various plants to create a lovelier indoor garden. You can even organize a plant party to help them grow even more.

As a beginner in indoor gardening, it’s important to understand the basic planting tips to ensure plant growth. So, what popular houseplants are you choosing to improve your home?

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