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  3. Neo


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  4. Catherine


    My name is Catherine,

    I was reading through your blog https://exploremidlands.co.uk/ and think
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    Do you accept sponsored posts (travel related)? Could you
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    I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you
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  5. Rose Marlo


    Hope you’re doing well!

    I’m Rose Marlo and am an avid reader and blogger, a passion which I think we share.

    Your blog “exploremidlands.co.uk” is by far the most interesting I have come across in the recent past, hands down!

    The writer in me is yearning to write a piece for your blog, maybe around 400-500 words, or whatever you are okay with.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Rose Marlo.

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  7. Andrea Clausen

    Dear exploremidlands Team,
    My name is Andrea, I am an outreach specialist and work with companies that are interested in making publications on your resources.
    My clients work in various industries, such as finance, tech, gambling, travel, etc.If your policy allows it, would you kindly tell me:
           1.  For how long will our posts stay live once they are published?       2.  What is the price per post on the sites you offer?       3. Will gambling-related posts be accepted on the websites?             4.  Is there a possibility of placing a homepage link or banner on the websites? And if yes, under which conditions?                      5.  Would it be possible to publish an article without “sponsored” or “content marketing” tag?                          6.  Would you prefer writing your own content for the publication? Alternatively, we could also provide it ourselves.                                                  Also, if you have other websites under management that you would like us to offer to our clients – please let me know.

    I am always open for any questions regarding our potential cooperation.     

    Andrea ClausenSenior Outreach Manager at MotherLink

    Pärnu maantee 105
    5th FloorTallinn 11313, EstoniaThe information contained in this letter is intended only for the party to whom it is addressed. The letter may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended addressee you may not copy, distribute or otherwise use and disclose this information to any other party. If you have received this letter in error, please notify the sender by e-mail and delete all copies of the material immediately.

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