The Run Up to a Cruise: What to Do?

Preparing for your holidays can be an exciting time – figuring out what clothes to take and organising your spending money for the trip, for example. As the popularity of cruise vacations soars, a cruise holiday is a perfect choice for a break this year, and pre-planning before embarkation is just as enthralling.


Whether it’s on the P&O Azura having chosen to book a cheap cruise or you’ve splashed the cash on a luxury liner such as one by Silversea, ensure that the lead up to your departure is as stress-free as possible. There’s nothing worse than heading on a cruise feeling frazzled before you even arrive at the port.

There’s plenty that you can focus your attention on once the booking process is out of the way. While the tickets may be paid for, your checklist will still include various points that need to be sorted as well.

  • Organise any shore excursions that you would like to sign up for. While you may have planned some of these at the time of booking your cruise, if you haven’t sorted them all, now is the time to do so rather than once you’re on deck.
  • Check all of your tickets and make sure everything is correct. Imagine the stress of finding there’s an incorrect name on the morning of your departure! Keep all of your documents in the same place, such as a clear wallet, so that you can refer to them when necessary.
  • Add your passport to the wallet, after making sure it’s in date and not due for renewal until at least 6 months after you’re back on UK soil. This is vital for children’s passports that are only valid for 5 years, rather than the usual ten.
  • Pack your suitcase and ensure that you’ve not overburdened yourself with clothes that you’re unlikely to wear. Read up on the dress code so that you are fully prepared for both daytime and evening attire.

The main thing is – be excited! With thousands of people cruising every year, it’s likely to be a phenomenal trip. Book a cheap cruise or a luxurious one, today.

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