Warwick Castle Interesting Trivias and Information

Boasting of being the ultimate castle in Britain, Warwick Castle is not your ordinary castle as they promise to give you the castle of your imagination. Giving you a taste of the castle’s history plus an awesome journey within this massive palace, you and your family shall have a royal adventure for keeps.



Warwick Castle is an ancient castle with its roots dating back from 1068 and was originally built by William the Conqueror. Years later, possession of this castle has been passed on and was later on used to hold prisoners. During the 15th century, King Edward IV was even held captive in this castle.

During the reign of King Henry II, the Warwick Castle’s restoration has begun and was replaced with a stone castle.

Shedding its beauty, the catastrophic castle was then handed over to Sir Fluke Greville and was transformed into a country house. Wanting to restore its elegance and artistry, Sir Fluke Greville spent more than £20,000 renovating it. With its elegant structure and extricate details, the Warwick Castle has been known as a place of great strength but extraordinary delight. Possession of this castle belonged to the Greville family until 1978 and was later on bought by the Tussauds Group.

Special Attractions

Merlin: The Dragon Tower

Merlin: The Dragon Tower is based on the popular BBC One family drama which features an interactive experience to its guests and a journey within the castle where you shall see a figure of Merlin and a chance to speak with the Great Dragon. This is an extra attraction inside the Warwick Castle and might not be included in your tickets. The show is timed and usually lasts for 15 minutes.

The Castle Dungeon

If you have the courage to walk through the darkest, bloodiest and most frightening periods of the Castle’s history, then The Castle Dungeon shall be a great attraction for you.

Opened in 2009, The Castle Dungeon has welcomed a vast number of the bravest but is obviously not recommended for everyone. Hence, ticket to this attraction is bought separately.

Rainy Day Guarantee

Warwick Castle offers a Rainy Day Guarantee from May 25 to November 2 for all tickets purchased online. If it rained for one hour or more during your visit, you shall be given a free return visit to the castle which should be claimed within 60 days from your original ticket date.  Visit http://www.warwick-castle.com/ for more information.

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